Spiritual teacher : Bharti Tahil

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Name : Bharti Tahil

Date of birth : 02 november 1954

Nationality : Indian

Where our paths crossed : October 2016, Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands in Spain.

Bharti’s oomph

Spirituality intrigues me: what is it? Who are spiritual people and what do they do? How can you become spiritual? I searched for these answers by trying to find the definition of spirituality. When you do a Google search for the definition you will find many, also Wikipedia states that there is no widely agreed definition of spirituality. Therefore I started asking the people around me what their definition of spirituality is. I received many different answers. Some say it is ‘something out there’, it is woolly and airy. Others say it has something to do with yoga. Then I found a group of people who call themselves spiritual but can’t seem to really give a definition. Eventually I chose my definition of spirituality to be ‘having your own experiences instead of a religion where you believe in someone else’s experience’.

Passionate yoga practitioner and teacher

Then I met Bharti, a very passionate yoga practitioner and teacher. Bharti taught me the philosophy of yoga during a 21 day ‘better living’ course. The course goes beyond the asana’ s (postures) that appear to have shaped the image of yoga in the Western world. Full of passion Bharti teaches all the aspects of yoga: meditation techniques, breathing techniques and the postures. These three together create a union between mind, body and soul which is yoga. In Bharti’s yoga centre there are no fancy outfits or showing off flexibility. There is also no use of woolly language.  Bharti speaks with logic, clear examples, funny stories and with both feet on the ground she explains the science of the ancient philosophy called yoga.

Energy exchange

Bharti could ask premium prices for her courses and lessons but she chose to make her teachings accessible for everyone. Non-commercial rates apply to Bharti’s courses where there is a genuine believe of energy exchange. Of course I had to ask Bharti for her definition of spirituality which she answered without having to think about it: ‘being a good, caring and loving person in every aspect of life.’ Simple as that…

Wisdom can’t be bought or taught. Wisdom has to be earned, through both life experience and divine inspiration.

What inspires you, Bharti?

The wisdom of all great spiritual teachers has always inspired me. One of the most important characteristic of all spiritual teachers is that wisdom can’t be bought or taught. Wisdom has to be earned, through both life experience and divine inspiration. Wisdom can only be born out of a life-long commitment to learning from spiritual masters, as well as from the countless lessons that life provides you every day. That is the best thing I could offer to myself.

What did you achieve you thought was impossible?

The word impossible does not exist in my life dictionary. You will only fail if you don´t try enough. The key to make impossible things possible is self-discipline, concentration and dedication. You can learn to be concentrated and dedicated if you are self-disciplined.

Becoming a yoga teacher

The dream of becoming a yoga teacher seemed difficult to me as I thought my body was not so flexible, but it never seemed impossible. Due to some of my health issues I had to join a seven-day health camp in Mumbai, which changed my views concerning yoga. I saw that everybody could do yoga, age or religion doesn’t count in yoga. Doing proper exercises and following the philosophy of yoga helped me overcome my health issues, and I decided to become a yoga teacher so I could help thousands of people out there going through similar situations in their lives.

Full control about body and mind

Every day I work hard to add more value to people´s lives. I give the best training to all my students so they can be the master of their own destiny. I help people find their inner peace. The satisfaction of helping people make their life healthier and happier means a lot more to me than winning the lottery. Every night before I go to bed, I want to be proud of myself and make sure that I am doing the right thing for me and for the community I live in. I have achieved having full control of my life by having control of my thoughts. And I do my homework every day to keep it that way. The mind is a powerful instrument, every thought and every emotion that you create changes the chemistry of your body.

What advice would you give your 16 year old self?

Do not live your life in ignorance. Try and find the purpose of your life, Do not wait to take action and be the Guru of your own destiny. Listen to your heart. It may be on the left, but it´s always right.

Want to catch more of Bharti’s oomph?

Follow Bharti for a regular doses of spirituality or check out her website to learn more about Namaste Yoga in Fuerteventura!

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